Frequently Asked Questions

General Project Information
Two new buildings are being built in the exact location of the prior buildings and will be almost identical in size.

The new buildings will contain:

  • 27 apartments (details below)
  • Leasing and management office
  • Service workroom

Our general contractor is Minkoff Company, Inc.

  • Minkoff’s employees are in uniform with a company logo on their shirts
  • Minkoff’s employees and subcontractors do not enter our existing apartment buildings

The construction zone is surrounded with a fence and privacy screen until work is nearly complete.

  • Access to all other buildings is not affected
  • All work is taking place within the fenced area except for occasional activities for utility connections

Q & A about Construction

When will the project be finished?
We anticipate completion of the project by mid September, 2019, barring any substantial weather delays.

What are the hours of work?
7:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday – Friday with occasional Saturday work from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

Will there be noise?
We are required to adhere to Montgomery County’s noise ordinance. Since construction is nearly complete, noise is minimal.

What about dust and debris?
Our contractor is responsible for maintaining a neat and clean work site and we’ve emphasized to them how important this is. In addition to regular cleanup activities, there will be a truck wash down area inside the fence to minimize any dirt being carried outside the work zone.

Is parking being affected?
Yes, we currently reserve approximately 9 spaces for construction staging. These spaces will be returned to Flower Branch residents once the buildings are complete.

Is there security?
We provide daily and overnight courtesy patrol at Flower Branch.  We monitor the site carefully to determine if additional measures are needed.

Q & A about the new apartments

What types of floor plans will be in the new buildings?
Most of the new floor plans will be similar in size as our existing apartments.  All will have an ‘open concept’ layout with a combination living/dining/kitchen area to allow residents the maximum flexibility in using the space for their lifestyles.  The 27 apartments will be:

  • 6 –  One Bedroom + 1 Bath
  • 8 – Two Bedrooms + 1 Bath
  • 6 – Two Bedrooms + 2 Baths
  • 2 – Two Bedrooms + Flex Space + 2 Baths
  • 5 – Three Bedrooms + 2 Baths

What features will be included?
All apartments are brand new and built to current code requirements and have durable, modern and attractive features and finishes that are easy to live with and maintain:

  • all apartments have:
    • covered balcony or patio
    • full-size, side-by-side washer and electric dryer
    • fully-equipped kitchen including electric range/oven, refrigerator with ice maker, dishwasher, disposal, and microwave with exhaust fan vented to the outside
    • durable, easy-to-clean wood-look laminate floors throughout except the bedroom(s) which have carpet and bathroom(s), which have tile floors
    • ceiling fan w/light in each bedroom
    • recessed LED ceiling lights in all rooms except the bedrooms and bathrooms
    • energy efficient electric heat, air conditioning and water heater
    • individual electric meter and water meter
    • construction specifications to meet current energy efficiency standards
  • top floor apartments also have a vaulted ceiling and ceiling fan in the living/dining/kitchen area
  • terrace level and first floor apartments are designed to meet Fair Housing accessibility guidelines

When will the new apartments be available to move in?
The current schedule projects the earliest move-ins available in mid- to late September, though this may change based on weather delays or other unforeseen circumstances.

How much is the rent?
We are currently evaluating rental rates and they will be announced when pre-leasing begins in late August, 2019.

Will the displaced leaseholders who lived in the prior buildings have first choice of the new apartments?  
Yes, we have contacted the displaced leaseholders to see if they are interested in moving to one of the new apartments.

Will other Flower Branch residents have first choice to rent?
Yes, once we know how many displaced leaseholders will be moving into the new apartments, we will then offer the remaining new apartments to Flower Branch residents, starting with those who have lived with us the longest.

When will floor plans of the apartments be available to view?
We will release the floor plans and availability to the general public after we know how many apartments remain available to rent after we have communicated with the displaced leaseholders and current leaseholders in Flower Branch. We anticipate this in late August or early September.

Other Q & A

Are there plans to renovate the apartments in the existing buildings?
We are currently focused on construction of the new buildings and managing the effects of the Purple Line construction. We will continually work to keep our existing buildings well-maintained and in good working order for our residents.

Will the rent at the existing apartments increase because of the new buildings?
Any rent increase for a lease renewal is not related to the new buildings.

Why are the apartments in the new buildings all-electric?
The decision to use electric (vs. gas) for heating, cooking, water heaters and clothes dryers was made because of efficiency, space constraints and ease of construction.

Do the new buildings have fire protection systems?
Per current building codes, both buildings will have sprinkler systems installed in all apartments, offices and common areas. Per current building codes, both buildings will be built of materials that meet fire protection ratings.

What is the status of the lawsuits?
We are unable to comment on the lawsuits while they are pending.

Will there be a memorial near the new buildings?
Yes, we have met several times with interested parties and advocates for the families in order to refine the memorial design based on their comments and feedback. The memorial will be built after the new buildings are complete and will be located in the landscaped courtyard near the Leasing and Management Office.